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How to Connect OpenTable with Perfect Venue

If you're using OpenTable, you can have your private party inquiries go directly into Perfect Venue

How the integration works

If you don't have OpenTable's Private Dining feature turned on, below is what it looks like to the guest on your OpenTable page. When guests fill out the OpenTable Private Dining form, a New Lead will automatically be created in Perfect Venue. No more copy-paste!

How to set up the integration

First, login to Perfect Venue

  1. Go to Settings → Venue Setup
  2. Copy the email address listed for OpenTable

Next, log in to OpenTable

1. Click on the Menu Icon (three horizontal lines on top-left corner)

User-added image

2. Scroll down to the Marketing tab

3. Select the Private Dining tab

4. Paste the email you copied for Perfect Venue into the event coordinator/notification email field. 

Note: If you haven't signed up for OpenTable Private Dining yet - you will first need to sign up.

For more information on OpenTable Private Parties, here is the link to OpenTable's support article