Email Deliverability

Ensuring every email you send gets to your guest's inbox is a top priority for us.

Why Email Deliverability Can Be Tricky

Regardless of how emails are being sent, there is always a change the email may end up in a junk or spam folder. Unfortunately, we can't always know why an email ends up in a guest's junk folder. Every email provider (Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, etc) filters emails differently to try and stay a step ahead of email spam and scammers. 

How We Improve Email Deliverability For You

We have many measures in place to ensure that when you send an email through Perfect Venue, it goes straight to the guest's inbox. We won't get into details, but it is a bunch of nerdy stuff you don't have to worry about! 

What do I do if a guest says an email went to junk or spam?

If a guest says that an email sent through Perfect Venue ended up in their junk/spam folder or you see that several emails have zero opens - please submit a support request. Include the name of the guest(s) and their email address(s). This will allow us to look into the specific email on the backend to see if there are any issues!